Daddy Mugs Fucks Julian

As you recall last time I was with Julian I was waking him up and getting my cock sucked. Well this time he is back but it’s for another reason. To get his ass fucked bareback. After sucking each others cock and me rimming his hot ass it was time for more. Julian is not a bottom boy but for me he was. It took me a little time and alot of lube to get my fat cock in his asshole but I did and boy did it feel great. I fucked him doggy than let him hop on my cock and ride it and than I finished him off with him on his back and me pulling out and shooting a nice load of cum on his stomach.

Dominic Pacifico and Israeli Hottie Shay Suck and Fuck

Rafael Carreras – “Lost Diary of Giovanni”, “Spanish Seductions”

Come, look, do not fly! My egyptian fuck

“Come, look, do not fly!” – Traditional calling Egyptian sellers …

Walking across Hurghada, I noticed a storefront dive shop. I was attracted to the dummy in the diving suit, the front part of which was made of shiny rubber, so sexy skinny good shape dummy. I could not pass such an exciting picture for some time regarded it with pleasure. And sounded a favorite phrase of Egyptian merchants, which surprised me, and even a little scared because I was walking in the morning, when the trade has not begun yet, otherwise I would not allow himself to linger so long in a shop window. In short, I got caught.

To me turned a young attractive man, his dark eyes and beckoned me to dip into their dark pool. My hesitant attempt to refuse the invitation to go to the store failed, and now I’m standing before a mirror, a shopkeeper with his strong hands, smooths them as hard-stretched on my t-shirt that a black gloss rubber emphasizes all the charm of my pieces, especially the chest, nipples which are already excited. All this I felt and saw in the reflection of a mirror.

Also in the mirrored dark brown Egyptian’s hand, who finished smooth and so perfectly is stranded on top of my wetsuit, was greatly excited to compress my chest and snuggle up to my ass its already hard standing dick. My chest – erogenous zone, and when the salesman started to squeeze it tightly through the rubber, I could not resist the onslaught of the host store, which his right hand embraced me and started to shoot left me with shorts, by which I do not wear in hot countries underwear. The skin of my priests burned hot throbbing cock, which is just a couple of minutes I poured the hot sperm at the same time without losing its hardness. Having a natural lubricant, a dick entered me fully with one butting.

Egyptian cock was so big and hot that I could not contain his scream, which came from the utility room a young boy. Appearing before his eyes the picture was obviously not surprised, and his subsequent actions made me realize that this phenomenon occurs here regularly. A guy once in everyday approached me, pushed into my mouth with his purple-black cock and began to rhythmically fuck it. Like I said, they are clearly engaged in this affair is not the first time, because they do everything so well and consistently receive: one input, another output.

The first cum a young boy. Sperm was so much that I almost choked her, besides the taste it was too bitter, but it still gives me not spoil their fun. Boss so cool massaging my prostate that I already beat the shiver, the legs did not keep my body and I’m not to fall off, grabbed his arms and buttocks, the boy himself had already begun to fuck him with his mouth and tongue, and so in this case tried that myself began to fall apart at the screams of pleasure, prompting his elder comrade out to finish in me.

As a thank you for giving me pleasure, leaving a dick of the boy alone, he began to suck the man. A guy with a swinging threw his cock in my ass and freed began to fuck me there is not worse than the host store. Waves of pleasure covered with me, one after another, I received sex from our great delight, and afforded no less than their partners.

But as they say, everything good comes to an end, that’s me covered with such an orgasm, which I just fell to the floor, if I did not keep two pairs of strong hands. My partners, inspired by my orgasm, immediately began to put an end to me one after another. The young man had finished in my ass, and the shop owner poured his sperm all my face, and I was very pleased.

There was time for lunch, and I went to my hotel, though I’m not so hungry as to climb into bed and take a break from this fucking bewildering, provoked wetsuits. Relax me, but in this day and failed.

Me in the room came a couple of cleaners who every day put in order my number, but today, they immediately closed the door and quickly undressed, appeared before my eyes in the old, shabby suit, the major holes in which were located in their excited dicks. Somehow the cleaners told me that friends with a guy from the dive shop and want to – no, demand from me a repetition of what happened to me in the store. Yes, Hurghada – a small town!

The guys were so sweet that I got up like dog across the bed and gave his own choice of the place of processing of my body, what someone prefers. Cleaners, without hesitation, took up their position and began to fuck me. I must say that they did it is not worse than my shop partners, though they were in a hurry, fearing that they might miss. For 15 minutes they had finished a pair of times, swapped places with each other.

After they left, I started thinking about who would be next, or rather, the following …

I needed a massage of the prostate

You will not believe, but it all happened for me with the doctor. Everything started mundane and simple: I needed a massage of the prostate, and before midnight, I was not sleeping, worrying, thinking about how it will happen, as never before that I did not do a massage. That is done, but not for the sake of massage and not your hands. Last but not least, I feared that I would get up and my doctor immediately see through.

In the morning I carefully substitution and, in general, did everything that usually do before sex, and at the appointed hour was before I need room. Doctor was a young guy with the hair and eyes, issuing it representative of the southern regions. He must have been 30-32 years old, like me, so we had already long been in the “you”. No fuss, business-we shook hands and chatted about trivial things, and he invited me to take a seat on the couch, but before you strip the sexual organ, in this case – an ass.

Doctor casually smeared cream my hole and his fingers and began to introduce them to me. I did not experience any pleasure! So I decided that I can relax: No one here I can not see through.
- Remove a cock and hold it in your hand – suddenly ordered me to the doctor.
- Why?
- Juice of the prostate should go.
Okay, I got out of his pants cock, put it in his hand. cock was calm as I am. I continue to lie, eyes closed.
- Do not hurt?
- No. It’s Okay.

Something got lost in my breath … Only I wanted to do something to joke about it and even my mouth is already open, when suddenly I had the words came out a loud sigh. Penis engorge. Damn! I tried to think about mathematics, about the forest – just not that nice doctor gives me a nice, and I want him brought to me in the ass or two fingers, and a cock … Yes! cock – I want him to come with me, all the way to handle that in your mouth or that your ass … Why I thought about it some? After the hand, then I have from these fantasies are no little penis as a full cock!
- Do not hurt yet?
Like the grin in his voice slipped a doctor. We must give up, stupid something to hide.
- No – and again, my voice gives me. – Rather …
- Nice?
- D-yes. Damn.
- Well, what’s wrong with that? You first make a massage?
- Yes.
And the fact that the doctor has in mind? Maybe it’s better to tell him the truth? Yes, that really would be better. And I add:

- That is not …
- Probably, the first finger?
- Hmmm … Yes!
I’ve already given yourself, right?
- And, perhaps, you already want to take a not finger?
- Yes! – And, frankly, not one “finger”, but rather on the “fingers” on both sides. – Damn, doctor! I am right now cum!
- Then lie down for five minutes.

The doctor removed his glove and was out. And to me here what to do now? I lie naked with his back and standing by a dick and think: “What’s next, what will?”

Then the door to the room opened again, my doctor came in and someone else, someone I do not see it. The doctor came to my face with the already unzipped his pants, and I saw him cock with the blue-gray head, at the end of which shone a drop of grease. I closed my eyes and opened his mouth. Head touched my lips, teeth, slipped in language. I habitually swallowed and grabbed a cock of the lips. He began to move with all the increasing speed. I did and he wanted: to get me fucked in the throat.

What was happening behind me, I knew, but did not see who are with me it does. There’s also a man of no particular ceremony and not particularly shy about their size. Judging by them, I concluded that I was forcefully enters the log – slowly and continuously. Soon I was all covered crawling, buzz has gone all over my body, I just lay there and enjoy the process. My body doing whatever they pleased.

After a while I turned, putting across the couch, threw back my legs on his shoulders and began to fuck me like the whore. My doctor meanwhile threw my head and entered deeply into my throat. I did not even know that I can take a cock so deeply: it seemed to me, touched the back of the moisture … ie throat.

The first doctor had finished. Just a few sudden movements and spasmodic contractions – I even felt a little taste of his sperm. But because of the sweet sensation, I realized that already and he is now finish, I wanted to intolerable jerk. However, I did not have time to do this because in my ass job too peaked. Powerful aftershocks and body blows on my buttocks, as well as dull roar of my second stud ushered me and it kicks. Immediately, and from my cock slowly flowed molofya. Despite the fact that it barely ran, my eyes darkened from the buzz, and I relaxed.

Out of my ass gently released fallen cock, and I heard someone “thank you”. I laid on its side, massage was over …

I never saw that second one, who I fucked. When I went into the corridor, each with a head doctor I saw that, because of the memories of the cocks of which I have a sweet ache in the buttocks. Yes, and my mouth has long remained a spicy taste of semen my doctor.

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